PyData London 2022

Ian Ozsvald

Ian is a Chief Data Scientist and Coach, he's helped co-organise the annual PyDataLondon conference with 700+ attendees and the associated 11,000+ member monthly meetup. He runs the established Mor Consulting Data Science consultancy in London, gives conference talks internationally often as keynote speaker and is the author of the bestselling O'Reilly book High Performance Python (2nd edition). He has 19 years of experience as a senior data science leader, trainer and team coach. For fun he's walked by his high-energy Springer Spaniel, surfs the Cornish coast and drinks fine coffee. Past talks and articles can be found at:

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Executives at PyData
Ian Ozsvald

Executives at PyData is a facilitated discussion session for executives and leaders to discuss challenges around designing and delivering successful data projects, organizational communication, product management and design, hiring, and team growth.

We'll announce the agenda at the start of the session, you can ask questions or raise issues to get feedback from other leaders in the room, NumFOCUS board members and Ian and James.

Organized by Ian Ozsvald (London) and James Powell (New York)

Building Successful Data Science Projects
Ian Ozsvald

Your data science projects haven't worked out so well - maybe you didn't have a plan, you suffered from surprising unknowns or you couldn't deliver what someone else promised. I'll share both some painful past experiences and explain choices that will increase your success. I'll root this in a recently shipped solution worth $1 million for a client.

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